Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng Addressed Conference on Security Risk Prevention and Control

Amb. Wu Peng attended and addressed a safety risk prevention and control conference organized by Kenya-China Economic and Trade Association on Nov. 7th. The conference was moderated by Minister Counselor Guo Ce of the Chinese embassy, and attended by over 130 members of the Association.

Amb. Wu urged Chinese businesses in Kenya to raise their safety awareness, fulfill their safety responsibilities, improve safety management, operate in accordance with local rules and laws, and increase input to address loopholes, so as to guarantee safety for high-quality “Belt and Road” projects.

Amb. Wu required the businesses to ensure production safety, put in place contingency plans, and abide by local laws and regulations on bidding, taxation, labor and production safety. They should promote technology transfer, enhance localized management by raising the ratio of local employees, fulfill their social responsibilities, respect local traditions and cultures, and adapt to the local environment.

Representative of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited gave a briefing about Kenyan rules and regulations on taxation, and took questions accordingly.

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