Chinese Ambassador WU Peng Meets with the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Kenya


On 11th April, 2019, Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng met with Mr.Kariuki Ngari, the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Kenya. The two sides exchanged views on the current economic situation of Kenya, and strengthening financial cooperation between the bank and Chinese enterprises in Kenya.

Ambassador Wu welcomed Mr. Ngari and his colleagues to the embassy and introduced bilateral cooperation between China and Kenya, which brings along tangible benefits to the people of both countries, and promotes the economic and social development of Kenya. Amb. Wu thanked the bank’s financial support and service for their Chinese Clients, and said the Embassy encourages Chinese companies to upgrade their operation and enhance investment in Kenya. The Embassy is willing to maintain friendly interaction with Standard Chartered Bank Kenya and increase information sharing.


Mr. Ngari congratulated Ambassador Wu Peng for assuming his new post, and briefed him on Standard Chartered’s operation in Kenya. He reiterated the bank’s commitment to strengthen financial cooperation with the Chinese enterprises in Kenya, and introduced the bank’s bid to promote the direct exchange between Chinese and Kenyan currencies, which will benefit the industries in Kenya and enhance internationalization of Chinese RMB.