Minister-Counsellor Guo Ce Visited the Kenya Investment Authority and the One Stop Center for Investment

On December 10, Guo Ce, the Minister-Counsellor at the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, visited the Kenya Investment Authority and the One Stop Center (OSC). He discussed with M.D. Dr. Moses Ikiara on investment facilitation measures, implementation of investment favorable policies so as to attract more Chinese investors to invest in areas related to Kenya's “Big Four Agenda”.

The OSC in Kenya Investment Authority is aiming to provide investors with a series of public services such as investment counseling, project promotion, enterprise registration, tax code registration and so on. Commissioners from all functional departments of the Kenya Investment Authority, Kenya Revenue Authority, National Environment Management Authority, EPZ Authority, SEZ Authority, ITC, etc. have been stationed at the OSC. It is learned that officials from National Land Commission, Nairobi County Government and other departments will soon be stationed. Currently, it receives an average of 1,500 potential investors a month.